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Herons – Britain’s Number One Bonsai Nursery

The Herons Bonsai nursery is a premier, seven and a half acre site located in Lingfield Surrey. Herons was founded in 1986 by Peter Chan and his wife Dawn. Today, the Herons site is a haven for bonsai enthusiasts. The Herons centre sees thousands of visitors each year, as bonsai growers and gardeners come from all four corners of the UK, as well as overseas to visit the best bonsai centre in the UK.

Visiting Herons

As you explore the herons centre, you will be taken aback by the sheer scale of the site, as well as the vast selection of beautiful specimen.

Herons Japanese gardens

The Herons Japanese gardens are a must for any bonsai or Japanese garden lover. As specialist Acer and maple growers, the picturesque landscape is home to thousands of the trees. At the centre, you will be able to take a leisurely stroll around the grounds, marvelling at our beautiful selection of Japanese garden trees.
Herons japanese garden pond
herons japanese garden

Bonsai trees

Each and every one of our trees are crafted by people who have a true passion for the bonsai. Many of our specimens have been cultivated by Peter Chan himself, and most of our trees are grown from seedling, right here on our nursery. We also have a selection of ancient, Japanese imported trees, which have been further grown and refined at our nursery.

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herons bonsai nursery

Herons Bonsai – Our Online Store

We have a huge range of bonsais to choose from on the Herons website, including both indoor and outdoor bonsai, as well as starter trees and high quality specimen trees. We also offer a wide selection of bonsai tools and accessories including Bonsai starter kits. In addition to our great selection of bonsai and bonsai tools, we also have a fabulous gift selection, perfect for that special someone mad about bonsai.

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